Christina Benz, studio, 2022
Christina Benz (Zurich/CH), studied Fine Art at Central Saint Martins College in London (Bachelor of Arts in Fine Art, First Class Honours, 2004) and gained a Master of Arts in Fine Arts at Zurich University of the Arts in 2010. Focussing on the moving image, Christina Benz’ video projects and installations have been exhibited in galleries in Zurich, London, Barcelona and Brussels. Her work has been selected for solo shows at international art fairs, including Arco, Artissima (nominated for the Illy prize), Volta Basel and New York, represented by the Cynthia Corbett Gallery, London. 
For her project 'Shifting Sands', Christina Benz collaborates with authors and musicians, creating shortfilms that combine drawing, poetry and music and explore the interplay between these artforms. The theme-giving working-title 'life is to short' forms the starting point for fantastic, everyday or absurd stories. The shortfilms are drawn by the artist with black sand and animated in stop-motion technique. The three films 'Fulesee', 'G' and 'Berta, however Jonas, but Mrs. Wohlgemut' have been featured in Cinemas, on TV and at international film festivals including DOK Leipzig, Animateka, Ann Arbor Film Festival and Cinequest. At Lake Placid Film Festival, 'Fulesee' won 'Best Animation'.  
Drawing has become increasingly important in Benz' art practise. 'Lorem ipsum' is the title for a series of drawings in ink and gouache. The drawings are inspired by the aesthetics of ancient botanical illustrations. Instead of fieldwork and precise observations, however, the drawing process is exactly the opposite. The starting point is a spot of colour. Once this is set, a black ink pencil takes over; it reacts to the colourful initial action and forms associative structures around the colour in great detail, which seem organic but defy clear classification. Selected works debuted with the Cynthia Corbett Gallery at Art on Paper 2022 in New York City.